Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back at it.  I thought I'd finish up the post from the other night with the visual proof of my sentimental mush.  I was too tired to do it then.  As I said, we have been busy around here for the past few days. 

I've been seeing a lot more of captain underpants these days.  He doesn't  wear diapers at all.  We do pull ups still to go to bed, but even those have been dry in the morning. 


I've also been seeing a lot of this too.  The potty chair IS in the attic now.

He likes those M & M's!!!  I didn't know a person could pee so many times in any given hour!!  Now he's negotiating.  He wants three and four M & M's each time now.  I'm holding firm at two!  Times are hard ya know.

While I was up in the attic, I also hoisted the high chair up there.  I was sick of cleaning it up all the time.  This is the new dining arrangement for Grant.  He's sitting at the bar with the big kids now.

While Grant was busy growing up this past week, he got a big boy bed to sleep in.  Grace just got her big girl bed in June.  Technically, Grant shouldn't be due for a big bed until sometime in 2011.  He's just so large, that he's already filling the toddler bed.

visual proof

he thought it fun pretending to be asleep

Big Boy Bed

AND while I was moving furniture around in Grant's room, I decided to make a little more work for myself.  Grace and I rearranged her room too.  She wanted her bed moved over to the windows like Emily used to keep it.  Now it looks like this.

AND AND while we were making messes in everyone else's room, we decided to tear ours apart too.  We took this to the garage......

Good-bye Aaron's rental furniture from 1995 that we paid a sum total of $100 for the entire set!!  Thank you very much Champion Labs for being an oversized, inefficient behemoth that knew not the value of a dollar!!

In its place now sits something looking like this......

Sorry, 50mm lenses will NOT take a wide angle picture!!  I'd have had to stand in the neighbor's house to get a shot of the whole bedroom set.

So as I said, Grant spent a lot of time growing up this past week!!

Good night!

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