Thursday, October 8, 2009

Good night??

You know it's going to be a long night when.......

A) As you turn in for the night, you check on your daughter and find her asleep huddled in her rocking chair.

B) Your son screams bloody murder in the night because he has peed so much the bed and the son are both soaked in spite of a super duty all night diaper.

C) You awake from sleep to the sound of crying followed by the sound of someone puking on you.

D) You realize said puker has left a trail as she made her way into your bedroom to share the moment with you.

E) All of the above

If you answered E then you must have kids of your own!!


I put the two big kids on the bus this morning to give myself a much needed break in pursuit of higher education.  I then proceeded to McDonalds for my daily dollar coke.  That is my reward each day for successfully making it through the previous day. 

Anyway, I sat in line enjoying the quiet since the little two were in the zone watching a movie with their headphones on. (gotta love that little feature in cars today) 

All of a sudden the lady behind me in line starts honking at me!  What the?? Oh, PARDON ME!!! I had not pulled forward in line quickly enough to suit her.  Like she's gonna get her mucho latte' mocha grande' any faster if I tailgate the car in front of me in line? 

I think I'll stay home today.  Things aren't looking real promising for a June Cleaver kind of day here!!

Have a good day!!!!

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