Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Quiz Time Again

This was Emily today moments before walking out the door to go to school.  The reason she was wearing her pajamas was....

     a)  she was running late (as usual)
     b)  mom hasn't done laundry in a month (almost true)
     c)  her brother dared her to do it
     d)  it was a drug induced decision

The correct answer would be D.

Today was 'wear your pj's to school day' for red ribbon week.  This is a week used to raise awareness among students about the dangers of drugs.  Personally, I think it has morphed into an excuse (like they need another one) to distract from the job of learning something while they're there.  No one asked my opinion though.

Oh look, John has his on too.

He was a little unsure about wearing his this year.  This is a total role reversal for these two.  This is the first time Emily has worn hers.  She's always been too shy to draw the attention to herself.  John on the otherhand has always loved the limelight.  I think the problem for him this year is that he is getting older and these things just don't seem "cool" to him anymore.  I think my fifth grader is quietly turning into a full blown adolescent right before my eyes!!  God help us all!!

As you can see, the younger one has no reservations about public wearing of pj's.  She even suggested that in all fairness she should be allowed to wear hers to Kroger today.  I nixed that idea....just not in the mood for the nuttiness.


What is that on Grant's head you say?

Apparently he's been taking his fashion cues from Grace.  Those would be his big boy pants.

I am not quite sure the fascination with underpants on the head.  It's not like David or I walk around the house or anywhere for that matter with underwear stuck on our head....really!! 

It appears to be a thing with all of our kids though.  At the risk of the two older ones killing their mother, I could post pictures of them doing this same deed at about this age.



Contrary to photo evidence provided on this blog, my youngest son DOES OWN multiple shirts without bones printed on them.  He does however own two "bone" shirts which are his favorite right now and thus always on top of the pile in the drawer!!

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