Thursday, October 22, 2009

Say what??

What they're saying this week........

GRANT:  Mom! Grace won't stay shut!!! (means Grace won't be quiet)

GRANT:  Leave my room on Grace! ( means don't keep turning the light off)

GRACE:  It's not a firetruck.  It's a box ambulance. (right you are, Grace)

DAD: Did you sleep in your big boy bed last night?


DAD:  Then where did you sleep?

GRANT:  At Target!!  (huh?)

DAD:  How did you get to Target?

GRANT:  Ashley took me.  (huh??) (she's the babysitter) 

GRANT:  (overheard while driving)   Where's my boogie??  (long pause)   Oh, there it is!!  (gross)

MOM:  Don't lick the car Grant!

GRANT:  But it's dirty!  I'm washing it.

GRANT:  Say yes, Mom.

MOM:  Yes.  (watches as Grant climbs over back of couch)   

MOM:  Get down Grant!!

GRANT: But you said Yes!!  (what is he...a lawyer?) 

GRANT:  I WANT TO GO HOME!!!  (ummm, Grant, we ARE home!)

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