Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween (again)

Yep, we're still celebrating Halloween here.  We are quite the party family.  Today was Grace's preschool party....a Halloween party. 

All the schools here are now moving away from naming holidays.  They celebrate "seasons".....a fall party instead of Halloween....winter party instead of Christmas so as not to offend other religions......spring party instead of Easter.......you get the idea.  I am sure it is more than just our community doing this. 

The irony is that I send Grace to a church affiliated preschool.  At the church preschool they are not affraid to call it what it is and celebrate it in a traditional way.  The kids had a HALLOWEEN party and wore costumes and shouted trick-or-treat as they paraded the halls.  Simple common sense and seeing the innocent fun that it is for the kids.....now those are things I can appreciate.  I wish it was still like that for all kids.

Anyway, here's the pictures I took today during Grace's fall celebration Halloween party at preschool.  They paraded around the school to show off their costumes.  Not all classes had parties today....just those who only go Monday/Tuesday.

Then it was back to the classroom for a snack and a Halloween craft.  In typical Grace fashion she consumed the icing and tossed the cupcake.

After the craft, their teacher Mrs. C, read them some Halloween books while the other room mom and I cleaned up.  Then it was time to hurry up and pack up their backpacks and head out the door.

Look what I found in my kitchen this evening!!!

In eighteen years, he hasn't missed a year yet!

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