Monday, October 19, 2009

Good-bye baby.  You've been such fun
Your presence here is almost done
No more bottle, paci, bib
Hello big more crib

You're growing tall and getting fast
The baby days have all but passed
Riding trikes and climbing things
Going high in big kid swings

Diapers done, now big kid pants
This great news makes grown ups dance
Potty chair is stored away
To never see the light of day

High chair's empty, what a joy
Bar stool's filled by little boy
Burgers/fries just like the rest
No baby food, no baby mess

Today it's trikes and trucks and trains
Tomorrow brings new growing pains
Like girls and jobs and grades in school
Sports and friends and looking cool

It goes so fast and then it's gone
Life moves forward, we carry on
Looking back with tears of joy
that sweet baby, now our boy

Lots accomplished around here the past couple days....lots of milestones passed.......more later, I'm off to slumber land early!!!


  1. yes, it's much cheaper than an hour on a therapist's couch!

  2. WOW...I'm impressed...I had no idea we had poetic skill in our family!

  3. Keep your cool baby! Now you can understand your parents occassionally have tears in their eyes after realizing their own babies were grown and gone having their own babies! Dad