Friday, October 30, 2009





arms up






arms down






mouth what's up with the eye chart you ask? 

These are the words my daughter (no, not emily) has learned to read the past month or so.  I finally caved and bought the "Your Baby Can Read" video set.

Do I really feel the need for my baby to read to be a success in life?  Ummm, NO!!  I was just way too curious if it would really work.  Plus I actually HAD a baby (well a very OLD baby) and a toddler about a year and a half ago when I bought it. 

No they really don't take pacifiers.  They were just being weird.

They never were very interested in the reading program at the time I bought it.  All of a sudden Grace has recently taken a liking to the flash cards that go along with the videos.  We play games with them and she likes to type the words on my computer. 

The other day I had her sitting on my lap while I set up my computer for her to type.  I started typing in the words from the video series and she kept identifying them correctly.  I really had no idea she knew so many.

At the end of the day, I have to admit my baby (now terrorist toddler who is almost three) CANNOT read because he won't even sit still for five minutes to watch the video.  What did I really expect, right?

My four year old can read about twenty words which is far from qualifying her for mensa status....not that I really put much importance on early achievement anyway.

Still,it was worth the price of the videos.  I satisfied my own curiosity.  In my unprofessional opinion, a person could probably use these videos and teach a baby to read, just not mine....and I am quite alright with that.  I think they are  too!

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