Saturday, October 24, 2009

We (David and I) left the kids in the capable hands of "B", one of their favorite babysitters.  We were off to ride horses again.  This time was supposed to be for my birthday gift this year.  It was WAY too cold and rainy to ride so we called and cancelled.

We detoured to the farm where we dined in style on frozen pizza (after it was cooked of course).  We ended up going for a simple walk on the trails that turned into a two hour survival hike through the wilderness!!!  I talked David into cutting through the woods and following the creek down the edge of the property.  FUN, but BIG I'm sore.  I saw a lot of the property that I had never seen before.  He had walked it, but I never had.

After our walk, we took a well deserved nap at the farm house.  We did do a little work while there.  I varnished a new door to the kids' bedroom and pulled weeds.  David worked in the shed and fertilized.  The day wasn't a total wash.

We wandered home on the back roads and stopped at the Homemade Ice Cream and Pie store for dinner.  Not a bad way to celebrate a birthday.

Bonus:  Seeing kids at the end of a long day of NOT seeing kids.  You have to get away once in a while to reappreciate what you have waiting for you at home.  Correction....I have to get away once in a while to reappreciate what I have at home.

Thus, long new kid new kid pictures.....just a nice day alone with my favorite spouse in one of his favorite places.

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