Monday, October 12, 2009

Just My Luck

So once again, the Shupe luck with contractors strikes us.  Remember the ten weeks living in a motel while we rebuilt our brand new house in Olney?  That had to be the mother load of bad luck for us, but it has happened many times before and since, usually on a much smaller scale.  I can remember refinishing the wood floors here in 2001.  They sanded and refinished the floor three times before they got the right finish back on it!  I could go on, but I won't bore you. 

The work on the house this summer has not been immune from hiccups.  The granite that was supposed to be done in one day left me without a kitchen countertop for a full week.  Then in a totally unrelated mess up, the cabinet guy brought the wrong wood to finish out the cabinet panels, lights lost in shipping showed up six weeks later and no one knows where they've been for six weeks, door handles arrived broken.....and on and on.

I should have known better and stopped while I was ahead.  Instead we decided to do the bathroom upstairs while we were already in the construction mode.  The measurement impaired geniuses glass guys showed up today to put in our new shower glass.  Surprise!!!  The panel was cut a half inch too wide....a half inch!!!! (OK, jokes abound there, but I'll let you think up your own) (this blog is rated G)

Needless to say we'll be showerless in our bathroom for the rest of the week or more while they reorder the glass.  The master of the house will be displeased I am sure.  Spitbath, anyone?

At least it gives me something new to gripe about!!!! :-)

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