Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Shupeville Infirmary

We have done NOTHING here for the last 24 hours.  John stayed home from school sick yesterday.  By noon it was a contest of who felt worse, John or me.  David worked at the farm yesterday and came home sick yesterday evening.  Grant is still not one hundred percent after being sick the last couple days.  Grace and Emily are the only ones holding up still.  I even bribed Emily last night with computer time and cash if she would put the two little ones in bed for me.  She was more than willing to help.  Bribery is a wonderful parenting tool!! 

Hopefully, by tonight we can start doing more than sitting around staring at each other while the young ones run wild.  I pulled out the dry macaroni this morning for Grace and Grant.  They love to "cook" with it and drive trucks in it.  BIG MISTAKE......without parental supervision, it wasn't long before there was more on the floor than in their pans.  That's where Meg comes in.  She was more than helpful cleaning up the dropped pieces.  I hope raw macaroni is not toxic to dogs!!!

Things heard around  the house this week.......

GRANT: (seeing Meg walk across the kitchen)  She's alive!!  She's alive!!      (like there was ever a question?)

GRANT:  (to mom as I handed him his milk) Thank you so much!  (now that's gratitude for a two year old!!)

GRACE:  Is the bunny communicating?  (I figured out she meant suffocating)

GRACE:  (at the end of the movie they watched)  Don't turn it off.  I want to watch the credit cards!

GRACE:  Boy!!  This is the freshest milk EVER!! (must be some great milk)

MOM to Grace: And what season comes after fall?

GRACE:  Gymnastics!!

MOM to Grant:  Did you throw that pile of towels on the floor?

GRANT: Dad (plastic Dad) did it!!!  (wow he's got the blame thing mastered)

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