Saturday, October 10, 2009

Killing Time and Killing Deer (well, trying to anyway)

What do kids do for five days when traveling many places they don't want to be, doing things they don't want to do, eating food they don't want to eat, and wearing clothes they really don't want to wear a good part of the time?

Well, when at Grandma's house, they hang out in the basement playing pool,

 or playing with cousins

or playing with boxes of really cool toys they don't have at home.

When that's no longer entertaining, they move upstairs to bug the grownups for a while.

While sitting in a motel room, it is always pleasant to play a little game of hide and seek.  The trouble seems to come after the first few round when new hiding spots become limited.

After struggling to find such expert hiders, it is always a pleasant diversion to hear the ice cream man coming.  That's his bell he's ringing in case you couldn't tell.

Everyone lines up to get their treat.

And then of course sits down to eat their treat before it melts all over them.

Sometimes we found new pets to play with.

Some were obviously more excited by the new pet than others.


John is out on his first deer hunting expedition today with his dad.  They are having "man time" at the farm.  We were not invited.  They saw lots of potential targets, just none they were able to bring home this time.  Maybe next time!!

Good night!!

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