Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Queen of Puke - a subject hereafter banished from this blog

Today seemed to proceed much better than it started.  I steam cleaned carpets  in most of the house today thanks to the inspiration provided by Grace's little vomit episode last night.  She's fine.  Apparently something just didn't agree with her stomach at that particular moment. 

She really let me down last night.  She's usually my champion puker, known for such accomplishments as keeping her mouth shut (full) until I can get her to a safe place to blow, cleaning up her own bed and pj's when she puked in the middle of the night (including taking the wet sheets and pj's to the laundry room) so as not to bother me by waking me up, and even laid awake one night for an hour or more with puke all over her face because she knew she was not supposed to get out of bed(we explained that there were exceptions to the rule).  I guess she deserves one mess up.

Anyway, on to more appetizing subjects.  No more speaking of bodily issues tonight.  I promise.

John had boy scouts tonight.  I took a picture of him wearing his uniform sporting the newly attached badges.  I have Grandma to thank for spending HOURS stitching those things on!!  She deserves a badge of her own and then some.  Now I understand why they sell iron on tape to use to put them on with.  Here's the evidence of her handiwork.

While John was off earning more badges that i'll have to invite grandma over to sew on for us, Emily was off riding a horse.  She had lessons tonight.  It was the first night of lessons in the new facility that has been under construction all summer.  It is a beauty.  The viewing area (which didn't even exist at the old facillity) looks like the lobby out of some fancy hotel.  Grace and Grant were loving it.  I was too.  They didn't finish the hour looking like dirt clods from playing in the dirt on the floor of the arena. 

I took a few pictures since it was Emily's first time in the new arena.  She loves lessons.  She really liked the horse she rode tonight.  I thought it was a very pretty horse too.

She's the second rider in this picture.

Look for the one in the pink shirt.

Nice viewing lobby, huh?  They have nicer furniture than I have in my house.  Grace and Grant will take care of that for them though.  Just give them time. 

Yes, you guessed right, too.  The weekly lesson fees went up this week too in order to pay for the fancy new arena and lobby.  Maybe kids playing on the dirt floor of the arena wasn't so bad after all.

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