Sunday, October 18, 2009

The weekend that would never end!!

So what do we do around here when no one feels like doing ANYTHING?  We do some of this.......

We've done lots of other things too to keep from going crazy.  We played with macaroni, again.

We iced more Halloween cookies.............

We ate them too.  We hated to see them go to waste.

Poor John is just skin and bones after being sick this weekend.

We then whipped up a batch of "oobleck" (think cornstarch and water) for the kids to play with.  They think it's great to use it like quicksand.  I sorta like to play with it too....not that I'd let them catch me doing it.

Those too young to be impressed with Oobleck invited a few little friends out to play.  These fellows came whistling in for a playdate with Grace.

Grace decided  to pair them up for a little do-si-do around the kitchen.

The trouble came when she realized seven is NOT divisible by two.  Even the dwarfs seem confounded by the problem.  Don't you think?

Not to be discouraged by such matters, Grace went off looking for Snow White.  Who did she return with but one of her little ponies.  Doc was more than happy to take a whirl with the four legged damsel.  All was well, and what's more, Grace got a good lesson in multiples!!

That was the extent of our homebound amusement for the weekend.  Oh, and a lot of this...............

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