Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yes, I know!!! More Halloween!!!

My kids spent the better part of an hour avoid alligators that were lurking on our living room floor.....see them?  They're pink!

I am not looking forward to a long cold winter staying home to dodge the swine flu when it has already come to this kind of entertainment.  These are the desperate things usually reserved for February and March!!  Anyway, here it is.......

Aaannnd JUMP!

Oh!  Too bad!!  The gator got you!

Aannnnd JUMP!!

Much nicer this time...

Grace got in on the action too.  She's just too fast for my camera today.


Tonight for some unknown reason (probably having to do with edible game pieces) my older two begged to play Halloween bingo with the younger two.

Grace is competitive....look.  She has two cards she's playing.

Grant did pretty well following along.

See?  John was eating the game pieces!

They ate the game pieces every time they cleared their card.  What's a little sugar buzz before bedtime??

To bed early tonight.......goodnight!!

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