Thursday, October 15, 2009

Midnight Munchkin Musings


Surprise, I bet you thought we were all sleeping here.

Don't tell Mom I'm doing this.  I'm supposed to be in bed.

Would you like to know what's been going on around here today?  It was awesome!!!

Mom and Grace and I played with our Playdoh for a long time today.  We really like playing in that stuff.

Not sure who this is supposed to be

Mom thought these looked kinda like her and dad.  I think they're a little stressed this week.

I guess I see the likeness.  A bit made up for Mom though.

Yup, definitely looks like dad.....maybe in need of a beer (or ten).

This must be John and Emily home from school.

After playdoh, we made a batch of sugar cookies to decorate for Halloween.

  Mom decided to ice them tomorrow.  I don't know why she wanted to wait since Grace and I are such good help!!  Look at Grace crack the eggs!

Then Mom did this really cool thing.  She told me that if I would go pee in the potty instead of my pants (which I REALLY like to do) she'd pay me two M & M's each time.  I earned like fifty M & M's before naptime today!!  I won't show you the pictures.  That would be just WAY too embarrassing.

I wish she'd just told me all along there was candy involved with this peeing thing.  Anyway, I kept the same pants on all afternoon, see?

Grace got paid to pee too....even though she already knew about all the potty stuff....cheater!!

OK, I'm getting pretty tired now.  It is way past my bedtime!!



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