Friday, October 9, 2009


Anyone who deals with kids on a daily basis know what it means to have one of THOSE DAYS.  No one is happy.  Kids cry.  Nothing works.  Kids cry.  Things break.  Kids cry. Appointments get missed.  Kids cry.  Pointless arguments turn into all out screaming matches.  Then kids cry.  Mothers lose patience.  And, yes, you guessed cry.  Some days the mothers cry too.  Today wasn't quite one of THOSE THOSE DAYS.  You get my meaning though.

When we have one of those days, it is always therapeutic to take a moment at the end and relieve a little stress.  This is done in many ways....eating, drinking (any beverage of your choice will do), exercise, reading, watching TV, etc. 

Today was definitely one of THOSE days in this house.  I have no idea why.  I guess we were just due.  So I am relieving stress here by blogging on my little blog site.


I have to break a rule to do this.  I said no more puke talk after last night, but this is too good to pass up.  Therefore, I'm talkin' puke once more.  If that bothers you, stop reading now.

Last night I let Grace and Grant play in her room for a while at bedtime.  They played with her dollhouse.  They will do this frequently and are pretty good at pretend play.  They had played for maybe ten minutes when the dialogue caught my attention. 

Before I explain, let me introduce you to "dad".

Dad is the man of the dollhouse, so to speak.  Last night dad spent some time here.

The conversation went something like this....

Grace:  Oh Dad(plastic dad). Do you not feel good?

Grant (as plastic dad):  No.

Grace: Does your tummy hurt?

Grant: Yes (he's two.  How much dialog did you expect anyway?)

Grace: Do you need to throw up?

Grant: Yes

Grace:  Well, put your face here, Dad.

Grant: (sounds we can all imagine)

Grace:  There now.  Let me wipe your mouth for you.

Yup, she actually got the courtesy of a five second warning before the puking began.  I wish I'd had the same last night.

They played this same scene several times before we quit for bed.

Maybe it was funnier in person.  Hey, I laughed anyway.

No more puke talk......I promise.

Now, I feel better.  THAT DAY is behind me and I am off to bed before THE NEXT one begins.  Good night and have a good weekend.

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