Friday, October 2, 2009

Clowning around

You'd never guess what we did tonight.  I spent some time today lovingly baking homemade treats. (No, really, I did!!  That part is all true) (Well, maybe Grandma helped with that a little) (OK, she helped a lot)

The kids got home from school and we ate a quick dinner because we had BIG PLANS!  We were going to a school family movie night.  Grab your blanket and a bucket of popcorn and settle in for a little quality time with the family watching a great double feature, right?

Sure.  We excitedly packed our blankets and snacks and headed off to the drive-in.  We watched a cute movie about hamsters who are a special ops force for the government.  They thwarted the evil plans of a mole ( a real mole who played a "mole" in the special ops force)(how convenient).  Anyway, the plot rolls along and comes to a happy conclusion as all furry creatures involved lived happily ever after (including the evil mole who had a change of heart)(of course)(hey, it's a kids' movie).

On to the second  movie.  Once again, sweet kids' movie.....this time Night at the Museum 2..........what a wonderful time.......isn't this nice.....what's that??  Oh, good!  They just started ANOTHER movie on a second screen at the back of the drive-in. 

Great!  Oh, wow, it's about clowns.

BUT, not just any clown.  This is a clown that no child will ever forget!!

Oh, my!  We don't want to frighten our kids with images of a scary clown chasing people around trying to hurt them.  Instead, let's make the movie safer feeling for the kids by KILLING THE CLOWN!!!

Yes, that's right folks.  I took my kids to a drive-in movie tonight for a school function and while we were there they showed the new R-rated movie "Zombieland".  Oops.  Someone apparently didn't consult the schedule very closely.

I wonder how this will play out in the principal's office Monday morning when his phone lines are lit up by angry parents.

I think I'll stick with my own clowns.....they're cuter!

Good night!!

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