Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkins, pets and piano

We bundled up and made the trip to Hubers Orchard today to get the traditional pumpkins for Halloween.  We spent some time waiting on the wagons to ride to the field and then enjoyed walking the patch looking for the best pumpkins. 

The pumpkins were very nice this year in spite of all the rains we've had.It's always interesting what each kid is looking for.  John wanted the biggest one he could find.  Grace wanted a cute one.  Grant wanted an orange one.  Emily was looking for one with a long stem.  They are truly individuals.

Here were the final picks.


Grant played with the bunny this afternoon.  I haven't taken any pictures of it in ages, so while I still had the camera out from Hubers, I shot the bunny too(so to speak).

He's gotten fat.

I think calling him fat offended him.  Now he's hopping mad!! (ha)

See how fast bunnies can hop?

He's been hopping a lot more lately.  I think he's trying to keep his weight down so we aren't tempted to turn him into rabbit stew.  I don't think he realizes NO ONE in our house would eat such a dish even if the lady of the house knew how to fix it.  Well, David might eat it I guess.

I'm not sure who enjoyed the time more, Grant or bunny. 

If you were wondering what that beautiful music in the background was, it was John playing the piano........such a quiet, thoughtful, serious boy.

He seems to take after his father more and more wouldn't you say?

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