Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The cleanest post EVER

Grace has washed her doll to pieces....literally.  The doll's arm literally came off in the tub the other night.  That doll gets scrubbed diligently every night. This in spite of the fact the only time it sees the light of day is when it gets dragged to the pool to be dunked in MORE water.  The fate of the doll is still undecided, but we did hire a replacement to satisfy Grace's scrubbing obsession.

Meet new dolly (name as yet undecided)......

She's still smiling here, but not for long.  Let the scrubbing begin!!

Prepare to scrub!!!

A little soap, please?

If a little does a little good, then a lot will.....ya know the rest.

Oops, did it get in your eyes?

Get ready for some scrubbin'.

Don't forget the back side too.


Now don't you feel cleaner?

I swear she did not learn this from me!!  There are nights I put them in the tub to play and figure they got WET so most of the dirt probably dissolved without the need of soap or scrubbing, right?


Boy scouts are selling popcorn now.  If you see our number on caller id, just know it might be my son getting ready to lighten your pockets for you.  Don't say I didn't warn you!!


More to post but I have a small mountain of ironing that I can hear calling my name.  Gotta a really pressing hot date awaiting me tonight, ha ha ha ha!!!!

Love, Angie

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