Monday, October 19, 2009

Gender-biased play? Absolutely!!

Of course, drive-in movies are dark, but I took these while we were waiting for the movie to start the other night.  Some day these places are going to be extinct right along with the dinosaur and hi-fi stereos.  I want the kids to remember what fun they had...especially since it is a drive-in full of kids they know from school.

How did families manage at the drive-in before minivans with a hatch on the back??  Look at them lined up down there.

Just some random pictures still on the camera that I took back in September before life got chaotic the past month.  Trying to clean out old files......

Grace teaching a music lesson to her "class"

Farmer Grant had  a little work to do.

Grace then hosted a tea party for her friends.

Then Grant took the train home from work.

Imaginations at work.

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