Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Things heard around here lately:

Me:  Grant did you just spit on Grace?

Grant: No, Mom.  My airplane did it.

Me: Grace, did you just burp?

Grace:  I didn't burp.  My MOUTH did.

Me:  Grant, what are you doing?

Grant:  Coloring!

Me:  Well, don't color your penis with the green marker please!!

David:  No, Grant, you cannot wear Grace's dress.

David:  Grace, did you wipe?

Grace: Yes.

David:  Is there toilet paper in the potty?

Grace:  No, dad.

David:  Then you didn't wipe!

Grace:  Yes I did.  I used my hand!!!

(oh gross)

Pam: (at the visitation)(bending down to speak to Grant)  Hi, Grant.  How are you?

Grant:  I went poop in the potty!!

Pam: (stunned silence)

(i guess there is no socially correct response to that, huh?

Meg: (if dogs could talk, that is) This bunch needs some serious therapy

We're still workin' on the potty thing.....I promise.

John's favorite thing right now:  aggravating Emily and Leventhumps book series

Emily's favorite thing right now:  her new riding instructors

Grace's favorite thing right now: whispering secrets in someone's ear

Grant's favorite thing right now: spitting


  1. I LOVE THIS!! It was a hilarious study break for Rosina & I. I do have bad news though...I may not come camping...what are the chances that it could get moved to the next weekend?!

  2. Pray for rain...the next weekend is the rain date! What's up?

  3. It's homecoming weekend at senior homecoming...I was going to leave early to come down but now I think I'm just going to stay...because I don't really want to there are some other reasons that are a PLUS of staying but not the REASON for staying... ;-)